Service Level Agreement

Netsite hereby guarantees to the Customer the following:
At least 99.8% availability for the Customer Connection to BT’s Point of Presence (POP). For the avoidance of doubt the Netsite Internet connection, router equipment and IP addresses are supplied by BT. The Netsite TCP/IP network is wholly owned by Netsite, under assignment from BT.
At least 99.8% availability for any Network Connections.
If Netsite fails to meet these above guaranteed performance targets during any calendar month, the customer will be refunded, on request in writing, an amount equal to the portion of their Annual Subscription Fee (as determined in the Service Description) attributable to that calendar month for the Service affected by the failure to meet the targets.


Percentage availability for a Network Connection or Equipment (as determined in the Service Description) is calculated at the end of each calendar month as being the percentage of time during that month when it is available.

Customer Connection
A Customer Connection is a 10 BaseT connection from Netsite POP to the Customer’s server for the Dedicated services, and 100 BaseT connection to the router for the Co-locate services. The connection is available if a PING command will reach the Customer server (Dedicated services), or router (colocate services) from the External Monitoring Service agreed by Netsite and the Customer. A recommended External Monitoring Service is provided by Argus Monitor.

Network connection
Network Connection is a connection between the BT public Internet backbone and the Netsite Internet connection at a neutral interconnect site. The connection is available if a PING command will reach the router at the neutral interconnect site from the External Monitoring Service.

Calculations of Timings
A particular connection will be deemed unavailable (the start time) from either :

The time that the customer reports the connection as not available.
The time at which Netsite discovers that the connection is not available.
The time that the External Monitoring Service raises an alarm – whichever is the earliest.
A particular connection will be deemed available again (the end time) after a period of unavailability when it can be demonstrated the connection is available. The time during which the connection is unavailable calculated from the start and end times above will be used to calculate the percentage availability over the month.

Scheduled Maintenance Policy

Our network is constantly being upgraded and improved. In order to perform some of the required maintenance and upgrade work, power may need to be switched off and hence the network might be unavailable during these periods, as set out hereunder as the scheduled maintenance period.

Wherever possible, backup arrangements will be made and maintenance planned to minimize the period when customers are affected. In most cases maintenance is done without affecting the service to customers.

Netsite hopes to make this work as transparent as possible, by having a policy of:

Making significant changes out of office hours, generally in the Scheduled Maintenance Period.
Ensuring that outages are kept to an absolute minimum.
Grouping changes together so that they happen simultaneously.
Keeping changes to a regular time.
The Scheduled Maintenance Period is:

A 2-hour period from 10:00 to 12:00 any Sunday.
When any maintenance work is required on the network or on our Point of Presence it will be scheduled, where possible, to take place during this period.
Netsite reserves the right to carry out emergency maintenance work at any time on the network, or at our Point of Presence, giving the Customer as much warning as is reasonably possible.

Note that any period of time for which connections are unavailable during scheduled or emergency maintenance will be included in calculations of network availability.

Quality Statement

Netsite policy is to meet customer requirements by providing high standards of supply, service and support consistent with our competitive position in the market place.


Your server – our facilities at low cost
For businesses, such as web designers, controlling their own web activities and simply needing a place to colocate their server, at minimal cost.

Your server – our facilities with additional support.
As with the silver service, the functionality and flexibility of your own server, but backed up by additional technical technical support.

A fully managed and bespoke service
A fully managed server tailor-made to your individual requirements leaving you to run your business. Our network infrastructure has been specifically designed to handle and deliver sophisticated total hosting solutions.