About NetsiteHost

Fast and affordable web server hosting from NetsiteHost

Why outsource?
Configuring and maintaining Internet servers is a challenging, resource-intensive undertaking, requiring considerable expertise and capital. It makes sense for businesses to outsource the server hardware, software, security, Internet connectivity, and 24x7x365 system administration to a qualified web hosting company.

And when it comes to Internet connectivity, outsourcing is also cost-effective. The annual cost of providing even a snail’s pace 64k leased line can be as much as £6,000 in some locations.

Of course, outsourcing your server to a third party is not just about bandwidth. Mission critical applications require experienced, hands-on server management. Since 1997 Netsite has been building and managing its clients websites and has the in-depth knowledge needed to maintain Internet servers.

But don’t take our word for it – ask our clients for a reference!

Facilities provided by NetsiteHost

Client servers are housed in a secure and controlled environment in The Historic Dockyard, Chatham, Kent (UK). On site services include server management, engineering cover, resilient power systems backed by UPS, fire-wall management and comprehensive physical security.

Connectivity is provided by Pipex Communications delivered over a ‘2 by 4’ megabit fibre bearer connected directly into the Pipex Data Communications Centre in Harbour Exchange, London. Flexible connectivty management allows us to scale-up quickly according to demand.

Click to try GX Networks Trace RouteThe Netsite network is five hops from Telehouse and the UK Internet backbone and has a typical response of under 10 milliseconds providing a fast and reliable service for our customers.

As can be demonstrated by a trace route to our website – click here to try trace route response provided by GX Networks (Pipex Communications) by entering our router address ( and selecting a core router to trace route from – in this example Telehouse4.

NetsiteHost provides two key options:
NetsiteHost dedicated managed server programme (Platinum) – Focus on your business instead of your web servers with the dedicated managed server programme.

NetsiteHost server colocation programme (Silver and Gold) – Integrate your server into our network. Either bring us your own server or purchase one from our hardware partner – Midland Computer Services. MCS is a specialist provider of HP and Dell hardware to the computer trade and related industries, and can offer a large range of quality hardware at competitive prices.


Your server – our facilities at low cost
For businesses, such as web designers, controlling their own web activities and simply needing a place to colocate their server, at minimal cost.

Your server – our facilities with additional support.
As with the silver service, the functionality and flexibility of your own server, but backed up by additional technical technical support.

A fully managed and bespoke service
A fully managed server tailor-made to your individual requirements leaving you to run your business. Our network infrastructure has been specifically designed to handle and deliver sophisticated total hosting solutions.